Problem Solved


  Tremendous amount of rot from improperly installed skylights. Installed a Velux custom side by sides .

 Clean and dry now



  Problem Solved


Another absolute mess. Probably was a problem for 10 + years to rot away that much. Not anymore. Cleaned up rebuilt, Dry and usuable once again. The great thing is when its done right, it never happens again

Clean and Dry

Problem Solved

Badly rotted lower pitched area. We redesigned the valley and installed all new decking, Then installed GAF Liberty lo-slope material, flashed all and tied together.

Dry and Clean

  Problem Solved!

 Old style bubble skylights that ran across the peak. Other contractors wanted to close them and move to one side or the other, but where they were located was essential to the look inside the house. We came up with the perfect solution, We built up and put an angle on the existing frames that were level. They now get the perfect light in their foyer. The new Velux skylights are also Low E insulated glass and are now energy efficient.



Saddles / Deverters

In order to eliminate dead areas you install Saddles or deverters. Here are a few problem areas resolved.